QuickBooks Set-up

Set up accounts for new businesses and automate accounting functions.

1099 Reporting

Create and file year-end Form 1099 reports for your qualified vendor payments.

Cash Flow Analysis

Analyze the inflow and outflow of cash for an accurate picture of the health and liquidity of your business.


Review employee time records, run hourly/salary paychecks, calculate bonuses, pay state and federal payroll taxes, and submit quarterly and year-end payroll reports.

Employee Benefits

Manage sick leave and holiday/vacation pay, complete requested forms for child support and unemployment, coordinate health insurance premiums and savings account payments, report wages for workers comp insurance.

Financial Reporting

Create Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss), Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgets, Cash Needs, Forecast/Projection reports.

Bank Reconciliation

Enter bank and credit card transactions, reconcile against monthly and quarterly statements.

Business Planning

If you are thinking of starting a business, we can help you determine your cash and capital needs and forecast when you will be most profitable.

Office Organization

Set up efficient workflow, filing systems, and assist with HR functions like policies and procedures.

Accounts Receivable

Invoice clients, receive payments, and make deposits.

Accounts Payable

Code and enter bills, pay bills online and through the mail.

Job Costing

Assess profitability by project or location, tracking expenses and revenue.

Registered Agent Services

File Montana annual reports.

Power of Attorney Services

As directed by your lawyer, act as limited power of attorney for specific banking and financial acts.


Meet with agents for general liability and workers comp insurance audits.